Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

I’m an Advance Planning Specialist for Northern Indiana Funeral Care.

The profession I’ve chosen, or has chosen me, has made me a collector of sorts. I collect interesting stories about interesting chararacters. My collection of excuses is pretty grand as well. I’ll share a few with you. My responses are in italics.


I’m too busy.
Busy doing what? Usually there is no answer. Because they aren’t.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week.
There are 5 days next week. How about one of the other 4?

I’m not ready.
What does ready look like? What does ready feel like? How will you know?

I’m not sure what I want.
That’s why we need to meet. I’m a wealth of funeral information. Ask me anything!

I want to talk to my kids first.
Your kids don’t really want to talk about this. My kids didn’t. Your kids would love
to hear you say you’ve taken care of this so they don’t have to.

I can’t afford it.
You don’t know how much it is yet. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know?

Isn’t it kind of morbid to talk about my death?
We won’t be talking about your death, or the dying part. We’ll be talking about
the services your family would like and the costs of those services.

No need to meet. I told my family to put me in a garbage bag and put it at the curb.
Well, then someone has to go to jail. Are you sure that’s what you want?

And my favorite….

I’m not dead yet.
Thank goodness because I’m not a funeral director!

What’s your excuse?

Please consider Advance Planning for yourself. Feel free to contact us at (260) 456-0890  with questions. I’m here to help.  Or visit us online at NorthernIndianaFuneralCare.com.


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