What Is Advance Planning?

As an Advance Planning Specialist, I’ve been helping families with Advance Planning for the past 17 years. I have worked with large family owned funeral homes, small family owned funeral homes and corporately owned funeral homes and cemeteries. It has been fascinating to say the least.

Today I’d like to share a common misconception about the work I do. Many times people have said to me: “I couldn’t do what you do. It must be so sad.” Yes, people are sad at the funeral home. Mostly they are sad because they have lost someone special to them. The sadness can be felt as you walk in to a funeral home during a visitation or a funeral/memorial service. But that’s not where I am, or what I do.

It is called Advance Planning for a reason. I meet with families years prior to their passing. About half the time we meet at their dining room table. Almost always there is laughter. Some are understandably nervous about what we will be discussing. That is where humor comes in to play. I’m a funny person. There have been events in my past that were very sad. Add a few years to those events and some humor can be found. So most of my appointments are enjoyable for all parties, in my humble opinion.


Occasionally I do meet with families with a diagnosed illness and “X number of months to live”. Most of these families have already accepted the illness and they are not sad in my presence. To say I never see a tear or hear a sigh would not be truthful. It is humbling and an honor to assist someone facing the end of their life. I come away with an admiration for their strength and courage.

I believe that Funeral Directors and Hospice workers are the ones with the most difficult job. They are immersed daily in the grief of the families they serve. Yet each day they choose to do it once again.

So thank you, for your concern over my emotional health working in the funeral industry, but I’m having a great time. I meet fascinating people. I get to ask nosy questions that no one else would ever ask. I am offered coffee and pastries. They thank me and hug me when I leave. Life is good.

So if you would rather have an appointment that includes laughter instead of tears, consider Advance Planning.  Feel free to call me at (260) 456-0890 with questions regarding funeral planning. I am here to help.

Please visit our website at www.northernindianafuneralcare.com. Take a look around, notice our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the endorsements from the American Legion Department of Indiana and the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters Union.


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