Beware of Predators

As an Advance Planning Specialist, I’ve been helping families with Advance Planning for the past 17 years. I have worked with large family owned funeral homes, small family owned funeral homes and corporately owned funeral homes and cemeteries.

But before all of that, back in the 60’s my dad began selling monuments and markers from our home. He had a full time job in a factory, but was longing for more. We had always called them “tombstones” before, but that all ended when half of our front yard was taken over for his display. I was in junior high at the time and I loved it. We were always visiting cemeteries on our vacations and I had a fascination with funeral homes. It made me a strange child but it has served me well in the long run.

My job was to keep the monuments and markers clean, and to cut the obituaries from our local paper. I filed them by date. My dad wouldn’t call the family until a month after the death. He explained that it may cost him some sales, but it was a kinder way of doing business.

A large funeral home I have experience with requires their sales people, posing as “Aftercare Counselors”, to begin contacting the family within 2 weeks of the death. The purpose, of course, is to “tee up” the formal preneed sales visit in the weeks that follow the “aftercare” visit. One funeral home I am familiar with requires the sales person to sell the bereaved spouse within 30 days of the service or the family is assigned to another, more aggressive salesperson.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care does many things differently and this is one of them. We mail preneed information to our families two months after their loss. We don’t phone them for several more months. And yes, as my dad would say, it could cost us a sale, but it is a kinder way of doing business.

Feel free to call me at (260) 456-0890 with questions about funeral planning. I am here to help. Please visit our website at Take a look around, notice our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the endorsements from the American Legion Department of Indiana and the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters Union.


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