A Testimony for Northern Indiana Funeral Care

I will start with Wow! First, we met with a popular funeral home in Fort Wayne and we heard the price! We were shocked. My father was such an outgoing high spirited man that made friends everywhere he went, and I knew right away I wanted to do something more than just the average funeral for him. However, with the price we were quoted at this other funeral home, there was no way we could do anything else for him. So we found Northern Indiana Funeral Care on the internet just by doing a simple Google search.

We read reviews online and was impressed by their A+ rating with the BBB. Brian and Andy and their staff were so attentive to our needs and concerns. It was like we were their only client! (which I know was not the case). After the funeral so many relatives and friends commented on how professional, caring and gentle Northern Indiana Funeral Care was with my dad, and our family. People were so impressed and were surprised to hear it wasn’t the popular funeral home.

Now if that isn’t reason enough to use them, the prices were HALF the cost of the other place, and we received better quality casket, better quality service, better quality cremation, (if that’s what you choose), better quality help with submitting obituaries, for getting flowers in place, for developing the schedule of events, and most importantly the freedom to have the viewing at a place that is special to my dad, and not in a stuffy funeral home. The possibilities are endless with this company and they are willing to do what they can to make it the best day considering the circumstances. I am only 30 years old and lost my father suddenly, he was my best friend and I would put someone as special as my dad in their hands again no problem.

– Santa Fow (Brink)


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