How Advance Planning Works

What Happens Now?

  • You pay today’s price for your funeral or cremation (either as a single payment or in multiple payments over several years).
  • An agreement is signed with the funeral provider guaranteeing the funeral or cremation at today’s cost.
  • The money is held until your death in a state regulated insurance funded funeral trust. It is not accessible by the funeral provider until after your death.

What Happens in the Future?

  • When the services are performed by Northern Indiana Funeral Care, we submit the funeral bill to your insurance funded trust for payment.
  • Your family is relieved from the emotional and financial burden of making funeral or cremation arrangements on one of the worst days of their lives.

Other Benefits of a Guaranteed Funeral or Cremation Plan

  • Your funeral or cremation is guaranteed by Northern Indiana Funeral Care. It will be provided exactly as you selected, regardless of inflation.
  • Our insurance funded funeral trust is tax exempt. If you are saving for your funeral in a savings account or other investment account, you will pay taxes on the interest. Our insurance funded funeral account saves you from this.
  • Our insurance funded funeral trust is portable. If you move, your plan moves with you. It can be paid to any funeral provider in the United States that you choose.
  • Our insurance funded funeral trust is exempt from nursing homes and Medicaid. Your savings accounts and life insurance policies will count against you as assets when qualifying for Medicaid assistance. A prepaid insurance funded funeral trust will legally allow you to keep more of your money for you and your family.
  • Our insurance funded funeral trust allows you to pass additional assets to your spouse and children. When you prepay your funeral or cremation, your life insurance and life savings can pass directly to your spouse and children. They will not have a funeral bill to pay!
  • Prepaying your funeral or cremation plan will make a time of family crisis much less stressful for your loved ones.

Call us today at (260) 456-0890 for an appointment to discuss how a guaranteed funeral or cremation plan would benefit you.


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