Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a major problem in our society. Often these criminals prey on
people, like you, who are going through periods of emotional stress and dealing with the
necessary business transactions that a death presents. The following are some thoughts on how to protect yourself from being victimized.

1. As a result of a death, you will be required to follow up on several business issues (i.e.
banking, life insurance, credit cards, etc.) that requires the processing of documents
with your personal information (date of birth, social security number, address, etc.).
Be careful in the completion of these documents and make sure that any requested
information is necessary and that it is being processed and filed with your privacy and
protection in mind.

2. If someone contacts you with a request for your personal information, determine that
they are a legitimate business and someone you have an obligation to respond to.
Verify them before you release any personal information. Record whom you are
speaking to, the business they represent, their phone number and the reason they are
contacting you. If you are still not comfortable, tell them you will have to call them
back and seek counsel from a family member or attorney.

3. Never give any information to anyone who pressures you in any way. Examples are:
Promotions that you have to take advantage of `right now’ or callers who ask for any
personal information to `update your file’.

4. Purchase a cross-cut paper shredder and shred all documents that contain any of your
personal information- never throw these papers away intact.

5. When you are not sure, follow your instincts.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care cares about your safety.  For more detailed information on how to further protect you, contact your local police department.


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