Ten Reasons For Planning Ahead

1. I want to relieve my surviving family members of the highly
emotional burden associated with funeral arrangement decisions by
reducing family stress, anxiety and confusion. I wish to ensure my
family is free from risk, bickering, uncertainty, unnecessary worry,
grief and bereavement.

2. I want to express my own unique wishes so my family will not have
to guess what I would have wanted. I want to design my own special

3. I want to make informed, thoughtful decisions and not just react.

4. I want to make these important decisions with the consultation of my

5. I want to relieve any possible conflict and/or misunderstandings
about my wishes among immediate family members or “blended”
family members at an emotional time.

6. I want to relieve my family of the financial strain associated with my
final expenses.

7. I want to reduce the chance my family will “emotionally overspend”
on my final arrangements.

8. I want to ensure my funeral expenses are Medicaid/SSI exempt, thus
protecting my assets from confiscation due to unforeseen
nursing home or long-term care expenses.

9. I want to safe guard my checking, savings, life insurance and/or
estate assets for my family. Not pay them out in funeral expenses.

10. I want to provide my family security and peace of mind just knowing
it is all taken care of and not left for others to deal with.

Contact Northern Indiana Funeral Care today to find out how you can pre-plan and save.


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