Planning Ahead for Less

A recent customer blogged about her experience with Northern Indiana Funeral Care:

Doug and I have seen the wisdom of pre-planning our funerals for some time now. With rising funeral costs, it just made sense to get the arrangements made and the price locked in. It also makes life easier for the surviving family members to whom the responsibility might otherwise fall at our deaths.A couple of years ago, we even sat down with a representative of one of the primary funeral providers in our area to discuss our options. We had a severe case of sticker shock when we walked out of that meeting and never did finalize a plan.

Recently, some friends of ours decided they needed to get serious about getting their funeral plans made. In doing their research, they contacted Northern Indiana Funeral Care (NIFC). Our friends were very impressed with the services and prices that NIFC offered and decided to let that organization have their business.

We met with a representative of NIFC on Tuesday, and we were equally pleased. They got our business, too.

Basically, they can offer less expensive funerals because they encourage people to have the funeral service and same-day visitation at a church or community center, eliminating the expense of the funeral home for those purposes.

They also are endorsed by the American Legion, Department of Indiana, for Veterans’ Funeral Plans.

For those of you out there, especially here in Northern Indiana, if you’re considering pre-planning your funeral, you might want to include Northern Indiana Funeral Care in your investigation.After all, not one of us is going to get out of here alive…unless we’re blessed to still be alive when the Lord returns for His own.


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