Supporting Those Grieving a Military Death

ImageEighteen hundred U.S. military veterans die every day – more than 25% of all deaths in the U.S. Here are five ideas on how to help those grieving the death of a veteran on Memorial Day or Veterans Day and every day:

Acknowledge the day with a telephone call or a card to the family; tell a story about the service member who has died and/or ask the family to share a story. Keeping their loved one’s memory alive is an important part of healthy grief and coping.

Offer to accompany or take the grieving person to the cemetery or other place of remembrance; people are sometimes reluctant to take advantage of such opportunities alone and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Make a donation in memory of the person who has died to a charity that was important to the service member of the family; this can be a powerful reminder to them that you remember and that you care.

Listen. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is to listen to what others think and feel. Supporting those who are grieving can be as simple as lending an ear or holding a hand.

Acknowledge your own feelings; share the range of thoughts and emotions you experience with someone you trust, but not necessarily with the grieving family. Whether it is pride or shame, grief or hope, sharing these feelings is important.

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