Personalized Caskets and Urns from ‘Til We Meet Again

Brian DeCamp, always someone to think out of the box (pun intended), opened a store called Til We Meet Again in Fort Wayne in the fall of 2012.  The staff of Til We Meet Again believes a funeral should be an expression of life and what you and your family value. People today are planning funeral services as unique as the life being honored. Families are bringing new preferences and opinions that are changing the way we view traditional funerals. They are thinking differently and have fresh ideas and perceptions of how to honor the ones they love. Through personalization, funerals have become more meaningful. This is what memorialization is all about.

We often hear people say “just put me in a pine box”, but does that really sum up a life? At Til We Meet Again, we can personalize a casket to fit anyone’s unique personality. Whether it’s faith, farming, fishing, or firefighting, if you’re passionate about it, we can help you create a “one of a kind” way to make it part of a funeral service. For those who have served in the armed forces, we offer an inspiring collection of military caskets. They provide the proper salute for those who sacrificed and nobly served in the defense of liberty.

We understand that customized caskets may not be for everybody, and we’re OK with that. But for those individuals who have truly lived, we offer options limited only by your imagination. Whether you’ve experienced a death in the family or just want to plan in advance, we invite you to stop by our store on Lima Road in front of Meijer to see how one of our associates can help you personalize a casket.


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