‘Til We Meet Again Opens in Fort Wayne

Brian DeCamp, licensed funeral director for the past 28 years and owner of Hite Funeral Home in Kendallville, Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne and Veterans Funeral Care, announces the opening of his new retail store called ‘Til We Meet Again in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A new concept in the funeral industry specializes in the sale of custom-made, personalized, lifestyle, licensed and private label caskets, urns, jewelry and other funerary products. It officially opened its doors on September 15, 2012.

A new and unique retail concept, ‘Til We Meet Again franchise stores are the only ones of their kind. With locations in 3 states – Kansas, Indiana and Wisconsin, and two other locations opening soon, ‘Til We Meet Again continues to grow. ‘Til We Meet Again provides an opportunity to celebrate the lives of loved ones by offering a limitless selection of custom and personalized caskets, urns and other memorial products.

The retail stores of ‘Til We Meet Again have a comfortable, bright and friendly atmosphere versus other settings where at times the experience can seem emotionally overwhelming. For the Fort Wayne location only, DeCamp and the franchisor, The Willow Group, LLC, has modified its model to accommodate the needs of Fort Wayne residents by allowing the franchisee to locate their store outside of the super-regional mall setting. The only super-regional mall in Fort Wayne terminated the contract with the original ‘Til We Meet Again retail store in May 2012 prior to its grand opening.

Custom burial is resonating with baby boomers and younger generations reared on self- expression and turned off by the somber mood of traditional funerals. “We’re not only helping an industry that needs change, we’re helping break the taboo about caskets,” says Nathan Smith, Co-Founder of ‘Til We Meet Again and President of The Willow Group, LLC.

The new location will be located at 6413 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana in front of Meijer and next to Starbuck’s.

‘Til We Meet Again will be open Monday thru Friday 10 am to 7 pm and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. Customers will also have the option of scheduling private appointments if needed. Phone 260-451-0555


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