Talk Not Accompanied by Action is Worthless

You’ve heard the phrase “talk is cheap”. The only thing cheaper is talk in the form of propaganda. In a business transaction it’s best to proceed the way Reagan did with our old adversaries in the Soviet Union which was “trust but verify”. Northern Indiana Funeral Care, the exclusive provider of Veterans Funeral Care in Northeast Indiana, is always willing to be scrutinized to any degree on the claim it makes to be the premier provider of funeral and cremation services for veterans and their families. They provide unequaled services for veterans and can back it up. Please don’t confuse that for arrogance because it’s a simple fact.  Feel free to test them. They recently had a phone call that brings into focus why Veterans Funeral Care was created to begin with and the phone call brought forth what they see over and over, family members of veterans rarely know about the many burial benefits available from the Veterans Administration (VA).

Bryan Jenisch, the local representative of Veterans Funeral Care, recently related a story to me about a lady who called regarding an obituary she was reading in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The caller asked if he knew what high school the deceased attended because she was organizing a reunion.

She said she had never heard about his organization so he proceeded to tell her about Veterans Funeral Care and what makes them different. “I was explaining about the cost savings and how we promote having funeral services in churches instead of funeral homes and she said “well, wouldn’t most people prefer to have it in the church?” She then stated a good friend’s husband died a few weeks ago and it was $20,000 at a local funeral home. Bryan continued talking with her and telling her about Veterans Funeral Care and all the services they provide and how they truly cater to veterans. When the caller’s husband died a few years ago the same local funeral home told her that it was “too cold out to conduct military honors” to which Bryan’s reaction was “that’s simply unacceptable”. He then began to explain to her how Veterans Funeral Care files for all eligible VA burial benefits such as the burial or cremation allowance and the plot allowance and again she said “I never knew there was such a thing”.

Once again the usual suspects say they serve veterans but fail miserably in honoring that commitment. Like the people in Missouri say, “show me”. Actions are always louder than words. Being willing to back up what you say because, again, talk is cheap.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care has rapidly become the leader of cremation and funeral services for the Fort Wayne area. They encourage you to call with questions and fully investigate why they’re the ones more and more veterans are choosing


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