Without Comparison

This message is directed to all honorably discharged veterans in the Fort Wayne area and all of Northern Indiana: as a veteran there was a time when you recited a solemn oath to serve your country. Whether you served in war or peacetime, you may be eligible for recognition of your service by the provision of VA burial benefits. Each year thousands of U.S. Veterans and their spouses lose valuable benefits worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars of which they may be entitled. This loss can be avoided by planning ahead.

The VA maintains eligibility requirements in order to qualify for burial benefits. Many of these benefits exist for eligible veterans and their spouses. It is important that you have the most current information and know what you are eligible to receive. Planning ahead is a gift of love to your family that protects them from the emotional and financial problems of waiting until the last minute. The value and credibility of this program has been noted by The American Legion, Department of Indiana, who exclusively endorses Veterans Funeral Care for all its members and veterans. Veterans Funeral Care packages and prices are also available to the Sons of the American Legion as well as the Women’s Auxiliary.

Veterans Funeral Care specializes in providing important information that assures veterans are informed of all options when planning funeral or cremation services. If you request information from us you will be promptly assisted in determining your eligibility for benefits, how to obtain them, and important details about planning ahead. Whether you choose a traditional funeral a just a simple cremation, the burden of having to take care of this obligation should not be left to the people you love the most on one of the worst days of their lives. Remember, peace of mind is priceless. Every veteran should know and answer the questions below. In addition, veterans should document and have on file, both at home and with Veterans Funeral Care, the following information:

1. What was your branch of service?

2. How many years of active duty did you serve?

3. Did you retire from the Reserve or National Guard?

4. During what era did you serve?

5. What kind of Discharge did you receive?

6. Do you receive compensation for a service-connected disability?
If yes, what percent? ______%

7. Spouses of eligible veterans may also be entitled to specific burial benefits. Do you have a spouse?

8. Are you fully aware of your current VA burial benefits?

9. Do you have a copy of your DD214 discharge paper or certificate of eligibility? This document is required in order to receive any benefits from the Veterans Administration. If you would like assistance in obtaining this document please click on this link.

10. Have you established an official record that includes your funeral wishes?

If you have questions or are uncertain about your eligibility status, please contact Bryan Jenisch, the local representative with Veterans Funeral Care, for current VA burial benefit information along with information about guaranteed veterans funeral or cremation planning.

We’re often asked how we’re able to provide excellent services at such inexpensive prices. The answer lies in our recognition that more people are looking for simple, low cost cremation or funeral options, and are not willing to pay what most funeral homes continue to charge. Consumers today generally fall into 2 camps- they either have the money but don’t want to spend $10,000 to $12,000 on funerals or they just don’t have the money.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne maintains low overhead and is therefore able to provide inexpensive prices, with no compromising of the services we provide. Without cost or obligation, we would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss our program with you. You will never feel pressured or manipulated into buying something you don’t want or don’t need. Compare what we offer to other funeral homes in Fort Wayne and you’ll find a stark contrast, not just in costs but also in the approach we have to funeral service. Please call 877-382-2756 or visit www.NorthernIndianaFuneralCare.com to request more information. Thanks for serving our country!


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