Bryan Jenisch – a Veteran Helping Veterans

Bryan Jenisch is the Veterans Funeral Care representative for Northern Indiana Funeral Care, a leader in low-cost funeral and cremation services for the Fort Wayne area. A 21 year retired disabled veteran, Bryan is a committed advocate for the veteran community, and is extremely grateful to all of those who serve various veterans causes. After leaving the marines he found a new calling, helping veterans and their families prepare for one of life’s most difficult times. He’s since founded Veterans Funeral Consulting, an organization dedicated to ensuring veterans receive all available VA benefits as well as prepare for funeral and cremation needs.

Of all the things people don’t like to think about,  dying is at the top of the list. Most veterans have no idea of the burial benefits available to them and the ones that do rarely communicate it to their families. This inevitably creates a financial burden with families spending thousands of dollars more than is necessary.  Bryan provides free consultations with veterans to make sure they’re aware of the benefits they’re entitled to. At the time of a death most people don’t know where to turn or which forms to fill out, with family members often guided in all the wrong directions and in many cases taken advantage of.

He would be honored if those who were aware of Veterans Funeral Care would pass along information about this program because he believes it’s imperative to look after those who defended and protected this great country. When it comes to the issue of death, Bryan is passionate about getting complete and accurate details to his fellow veterans. He is asking that you please help in getting this information to as many veterans as possible.


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