Benefits of Advance Planning

At some point, everyone experiences a death of a loved one.  Most families find themselves poorly prepared to deal with the problems, indecisions, and costs that result after a death.  It is a wise financial decision to plan your funeral ahead of time but most importantly, planning in advance is an expression of love and provides peace of mind for you and your family.

1. Togetherness – A family can share their choices and make decisions together, saving loved ones heartache, expense and inconvenience at the time of death.

2. Satisfaction – On an advance planning basis, decisions about funeral and cremation services can be discussed by all family members, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction.

3. Price Guarantee – Inflation over the last five decades has been close to 5% therefore the cost of funerals will likely continue to increase.  Advance planning allows the costs to be guaranteed at today’s prices.

4. Conserve Insurance – Life insurance is for the living, not the deceased.  Most life insurance is purchased to allow a family time to adjust to the loss of income that a death causes.  If arrangements are not made ahead of time, a large amount of insurance proceeds can be spent on funeral and cemetery needs adding financial burdens to loved ones left behind.

5. Payments – Funeral and cemetery costs are expenses every individual must plan to pay.  These needs can be met today out of current income through affordable payments whereas payment in full is expected at the time of death.

6. Peace of Mind – When a death occurs in any family or among friends, the grief is tremendous and the healing time very long.  Advance planning will have a positive impact of your family and friends simply because you have made your own decisions.  This peace of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent.

Now that you understand the facts and benefits of planning ahead, you have an important decision to make.  If you choose the path of advance planning we stand ready to assist you in any way possible.  We would rather see you now, than to have death force your family to see us on the worst day of their lives!  Call us at 877-382-2756 or visit our website to request a brochure.


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