An Open Letter to American Legion Members

Dear American Legion Members,

Good to see all of you again at this year’s National Convention for The American Legion. Veterans Funeral Care is an organization of Funeral Homes around the country that are highly trained in the area of Veterans benefits. What makes them special is their love and respect for the Veteran. How can we assure you of an outstanding experience? It is our special screening and selection process as well as our training requirements. We are able to identify funeral homes that are owned or managed by Veterans, children of Veterans or committed to special service to Veterans. In other words, they have a natural passion for, and appreciation of, a Veteran. Sadly, many Veterans are not aware of our network of Veteran oriented funeral homes and used a “regular” funeral home that had service standards and financial goals very different from ours. Many Veteran were talked into buying property in private cemeteries when they could have received burial at no cost in a National Cemetery. In addition, they had no, or incorrect, military honors; the widow received no flag; their cash benefits were never applied for. This is all avoidable. Using one of the funeral homes in our network guarantees “concierge service” to the Veteran. The issue of a properly conducted military funeral is a very big deal to me, our board of directors and all of our funeral homes nationwide.

If you are involved in State Leadership, we would love to connect you with Veterans Funeral Care funeral homes in your state. We are honored to be endorsed by the Departments of Indiana, Illinois and South Carolina. There are benefits for Veterans Funeral Care as well as the Legion Departments in this endorsement; and the members are offered a benefit through your department that can save them thousands of dollars. Veterans Funeral Care funeral homes are accountable to the Departments, work closely with Department representatives and offer financial support to the Departments.

Very often, the last thing that can be done for a Veteran is to properly conduct his or her funeral; to utilize all benefits available; use of a National or State Cemetery; use of VA headstones and markers; and the application for all cash benefits. You can count on Veterans Funeral Care for an outstanding experience.


Jim Rudolph


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