Veterans Helping Veterans

Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne began operations in 2010 and is quickly becoming the leader of providing low cost funeral and cremation services with an emphasis on the veteran population. Bryan Jenisch is the Veterans Funeral Care representative for Northern Indiana Funeral Care and spends long hours ensuring veterans and their families receive all VA benefits related to cemetery, funeral, and cremation needs. The story he relates below is just one reason why Veterans Funeral Care has enjoyed the exclusive endorsement of The American Legion, Department of Indiana, since 2006.

Veterans Helping VeteransHe says “I had an elderly lady call me two weeks after her husband had died. Her kids were over at her house trying to help keep the utilities from being shut off.” This veteran’s widow had seen an ad by Veterans Funeral Care that had been placed in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette some time ago and filed it away for future reference. However, on the day her husband died she couldn’t find the ad so she called another local Fort Wayne funeral home. As she explained it “I had to end up borrowing money from several family members to lay my husband (a WW II vet) to rest because it was so expensive. They didn’t even ask about military honors. There was no rifle salute, taps, or even folding the flag and giving it to me.”

Now she is being told by a representative of a local cemetery in Fort Wayne that she has to buy a $2000 head stone and that her husband is not entitled to one from the VA. Two weeks after her husband died she found the newspaper ad and contacted Mr. Jenisch. He explained to her that she is entitled to receive a memorial through the Veterans Administration as long as his discharge was anything other than dishonorable. She said she was sure her husband had served with distinction so they are currently in the process of filing the necessary paperwork to secure a copy of her husband’s discharge papers (form DD 214). This document will allow her to file a claim with the VA for the marker and also the Presidential Memorial Certificate. She expressed to Mr. Jenisch “I’m relieved but still upset that my husband did not receive military honors. Unfortunately it can’t be done over.” Mr. Jenisch, having served 21 years in the United States Military, stated simply “without question, the way this lady was treated is a disgrace and totally unacceptable.”

Through much experience Veterans Funeral Care finds that only a small number of veterans are fully aware of VA benefits while spouses and other family members are usually in the dark, too. They don’t know what options are available and when the veteran dies they have no idea what to do.

Mr. Jenisch says he continues to hear a lot of myths. “It concerns me that these benefits have never been claimed by a family who’s entitled to them for the simple reason of not knowing they existed. In many cases these benefits total into the thousands of dollars.”

The people who work for Veterans Funeral Care are passionate about making sure veterans AND THEIR FAMILIES are aware of all the benefits available through the VA related to cemetery, funeral, or cremation needs. They focus on not only educating veterans, but more importantly how they can apply or help to apply for these benefits so families don’t fall victim to erroneous or fraudulent information.

It makes you wonder what would motivate those in the funeral and cemetery business to sink to such depths. Greed? Laziness? Ignorance? Most likely it’s a combination of desiring greater profits combined with a lack of commitment to their chosen work. Whatever the reason it’s important when planning for these needs that you know who you’re dealing with. You should ask to meet the owner and spend time figuring out who they are and the standards they uphold. Ask questions like “How long have you been a funeral director in this area?” and “What’s the most important thing you can tell me about how you conduct business?” and “What’s your commitment to veterans?” Make sure the pricing is easy to understand and fully explained because you should never feel confused or unsure when making funeral or cremation arrangements.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne is committed to providing inexpensive, not cheap, funeral and cremation services to families in all Northern Indiana. They love serving veterans and consider it an honor when given this sacred trust. The savings are usually 40% or more on the prices of funerals (including caskets) and cremations (including urns) compared to other Fort Wayne funeral homes. As the exclusive provider of Veterans Funeral Care in Northeast Indiana we also actively encourage and promote the use of National and State Veterans Cemeteries. If you would like to learn more about this program please visit their website at or email If you would like to speak to Bryan Jenisch he can be reached toll-free at 877-382-2756. Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Veterans Funeral Care through Northern Indiana Funeral Care serves the following Indiana counties: Adams, Allen, Dekalb, Huntington, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells, and Whitley.


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