Funeral Webcasting in Northern Indiana

The death of a friend or family member is a difficult and trying time in life. Honoring someone’s life is a special and sacred moment for all survivors. Unfortunately, many mourners are not able to attend funerals due to illness, travel expenses or simply living too far from the funeral service. Friends and family members not afforded this memory are limited to participation via phone, cards of sympathy and flowers.

However, today’s technology has changed the way distant friends and families can participate in memorial services. Live and on-demand funeral webcasting from Memorial Streams offers family members access to special memorial services regardless of their location or circumstances. Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne now offers this unique service that provides friends and family members a secure and private connection to the memorial service via the Internet.

Through the use of leading-edge technologies and innovative designs, Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne offers simple and dependable webcasting packages to complement your family’s memorial service with dignity and ease. Following the event, the funeral service is available to view online for 30 days and digital recordings of the service can be purchased for a small fee. Please contact Northern Indiana Funeral Care 1-877-382-2756 for more information.


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