Low Cost, Uncompromised Funeral and Cremation Service

Northern Indiana Funeral Care offers this blog as a way to educate and inform the consumer about issues related to the care of the dead, of which most people know very little about. Today I’m going to deal with the most basic service we provide – direct cremation (or what we prefer to call simple cremation).

Simply put, when we die our body becomes property and someone is going to have a legal obligation for the proper disposition of our remains. Keep in mind, you’ve either accepted that responsibility yourself, or someone in your family will have to accept it for you. The most simple and efficient way to dispose of human remains is by the use of cremation. If you look on our General Price List you’ll see that the 1st itemized price is The Services of Funeral Director and Staff. This is the only non-declinable item when purchasing funeral or cremation services and one of the things you’re paying for with a direct cremation.

The second service you’re paying for is the removal from place of death, whether the home, hospital, assisted living facility, or some other location, to the funeral home. Also, the crematory requires you to be placed in some sort of outer container, commonly referred to as an alternative container, in order to move you around in a dignified manner. A casket is not required as this material is generally made of cardboard or fiberboard. You are not required to buy an urn so cremated remains are returned to the family in a temporary urn unless one is purchased through the funeral home. Finally, you have the cremation fee itself. In general terms, this is what’s involved to provide cremation services with no ceremony. Our cost for this service is $1395. Most funeral homes in the greater Fort Wayne area charge more than double for the exact same service.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care provides funeral and cremation services with the objective of keeping the cost low, without compromising our standards. Recognizing that you can buy an urn anywhere, we are happy to offer a complete selection of urns at low prices. I’m always quick to point out that we don’t offer discount services and merchandise and no experience with us will have the feeling of being cheap. Whether you want our most basic service (cremation with no services), or a traditional funeral followed by cremation, we guarantee your satisfaction. I’m often asked how we can do this at such inexpensive prices and the answer is quite simple. Our funeral directors have invested their entire lives taking care of families in the Fort Wayne area and all of Northern Indiana. Funeral service for them is a calling and they view their work as a ministry. Northern Indiana Funeral Care loves promoting The Church Funeral Plan because we believe churches, as a primary option to conduct a service, is the ideal setting for this event in someone’s life. There are many fine Fort Wayne funeral homes, and we’re not claiming to be better than anyone else, but there aren’t many options for families that need prices that are affordable and fit within their budget. Please contact us to learn more about our program and the benefits of planning ahead by calling (877) 382-2756 or email vfccounselor@yahoo.com. As always, there is no cost or obligation to learn about the options available to you.


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