Choosing a Funeral Home

When you make a comparison of Fort Wayne funeral homes you’ll find that most of them deeply care, indeed are passionate, about serving families that trust them to care for their dead. The difference will be found in how these funeral businesses are structured and modeled. When attempting to educate yourself about funeral and cremation options, the best place to begin is understanding how funeral homes operate and their unique approach to providing services. My purpose is to educate and inform the consumer but also to promote the idea of a simple, straightforward approach to funeral service. Northern Indiana Funeral Care is the leader in providing low cost funeral and cremations services in the Northeast part of Indiana and specifically Greater Ft. Wayne so the focus of this article will be to promote the benefit of the value proposition.

Some funeral homes are owned by corporate entities where decisions about pricing and how to operate that were once made by a local family are now made in far-away places. One such entity that has a large footprint in the Fort Wayne area is Service Corporation International (SCI) which is based in Houston, Texas. It’s the largest death-care provider in the world and has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange for years. You would recognize these funeral homes by the brand “Dignity Memorial”. They are characterized by high prices due to the fact that they must produce big profits for their shareholders. It’s not hard to figure out who generates those profits- the families they serve! All of us in the funeral business have to make money or we couldn’t keep our doors open but when large corporations have to support a bloated management structure, lavish facilities, and keep shareholders happy they have no choice but to charge high prices for the services they provide!

Another kind of funeral or cremation provider you’ll find is the locally-owned firm that has facilities in different areas of Fort Wayne and likes to tout the fact that they “give back to the community”. I’m not exactly sure what that means or as a consumer why I would care but again, the cost to maintain this type of business model leaves no choice to the owner but to charge high prices for funerals and cremations. If these funeral homes are large enough, service can be lacking because of the absence of personal attention. Some firms like this will begin to have the feel of a “funeral mill” because of a lack of motivation by employees. Oftentimes this will lead to poor embalming work and preparation (such as makeup) and the deceased doesn’t look near as good as if the owner of the funeral home did the work himself/herself.

Another type of funeral or cremation provider is one that provides options that are low cost but yet provide excellent services. This kind of business keeps overhead low and has different financial goals than large corporations. It doesn’t concern itself with have locations all over northern Indiana or spending millions on new cremation facilities. It’s dedicated to providing unmatched service at a price anyone can afford. Some people might think it’s a cheap option but I don’t believe cheap is the right word. I believe a better description can be found in the past. This type of approach takes funeral service full circle by centering services at the church the way it used to be years ago (and what many families still do today). Cremation memorial services can be held at gazebos in a park, country clubs or other service organizations like the Moose lodge, Elks, etc. Veterans who are interested in maximizing their benefits have the option of having their funeral at the VA hospital chapel, the chapel at Marion National Cemetery, American Legion, VFW, or Am Vets posts or the church. In other words, by having your service someplace other than a lavish funeral facility you just pay for the services of the funeral director, not the overhead and bloated nature of many businesses that rest on laurels and are living in the past.

The bottom line is that most folks are looking for an inexpensive, low cost option when it comes to taking care of this most difficult problem. Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne is dedicated to providing just this kind of option. Without compromising service you can save thousands on funeral and cremation services. You’ll work with local funeral directors who have spent their lives serving families in Northeast Indiana. For Veterans we offer Veterans Funeral Care which is exclusively endorsed by The American Legion, Department of Indiana. Please feel free to request more information about our services by clicking the “Request a Brochure” button on the home page of our website or by calling 1-877-382-2756.


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