The #1 Myth About Funeral Directors

People often assume funeral directors are more comfortable with the idea of death and mortality because we see it all the time. Actually, you never get used to it. We take every family’s loss personally.

We often seen people struggle with the many decisions involved in planning a loved one’s funeral and memorial at the time of death. In our experience, it is the worst possible time to make important decisions you’ll think about for years to come.

The people at Northern Indiana Funeral Care make it easier by providing advance funeral planning programs that work just for you.

  • You can plan a totally personalized memorial event that reflects your life and involves your loved ones.
  • You can provide funding for your advance funeral plan that grows to help offset inflation over time.
  • Prearranging your funeral helps reduce or eliminate family conflict at the time of your death, because many, if not all of the decisions are made, including the cost.

In all of our years serving families, we have never heard anyone say, “I wish the funeral wasn’t prearranged and paid for.” In fact, surviving spouses, relatives or friends often return to funeral homes to make their own funded advance funeral plans.

Why not learn more about how Northern Indiana Funeral Care is uniquely qualified to help you prearrange your funeral event? You can request a brochure here or call us directly at 1-877-382-2756.


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