Overwhelming Decisions!

There are only 5 reasons people buy anything – pride, profit, fear, love, and need. For those that plan ahead (commonly referred to as advance planning, preplanning or prearranging) for cemetery, funeral, and/or cremation needs all 5 motives are at play making it a purchase that you not only should do, but indeed have to do at some point in time.

At least in the state of Indiana, when a death occurs you have to acquire the services of a funeral director (or in the old days a mortician) who will lead you through the labyrinth of choices and decisions to be made including whether you want your loved one to be cremated or to have a traditional funeral. All kinds of decisions flow from there such as what type of cemetery property you desire. Traditional burials require several choices – mausoleum entombment, ground burial (grave space), or lawn crypt.

If cremation you can have ground burial, niche in a columbarium (glass, marble, or bronze front), or scattering. Some families choose to keep cremated remains at home which we always recommend against because at some point in the future, someone else will become responsible for the disposition of the remains. Most cemeteries require that skeletal or cremated remains be placed in some type of outer burial container (if protective in nature they are referred to as a vault). You also have to decide what type of service will take place at the cemetery.

Finally, the choice of a memorial is important because it’s the tangible proof that you walked on this earth. Headstones in memorial parks are flush to the ground and come in various shapes and styles but you’ll typically see granite only or bronze on granite. Cemeteries allow upright monuments which offer people more choices in personalization and style. Just completing cemetery arrangements can be emotionally exhausting and that’s before you have stepped foot in the funeral home!

If no planning has been completed in advance, families have to provide all of the information needed to procure the death certificate and also provide information for the obituary in the newspaper. Many people are surprised to learn that an obituary in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and other newspapers in Northern Indiana can cost hundreds of dollars. If the deceased was a veteran the family should provide a copy of his/her discharge papers to the funeral director. We encourage families to consider utilizing the Veterans Funeral Care program which is exclusively provided by Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne.

This program has been endorsed by The American Legion, Department of Indiana, since 2006 and thousands of veterans have utilized this program. Veterans Funeral Care is committed to making sure veterans understand the benefits provided by the VA and also files all necessary documentation on your behalf. They also actively encourage and promote the use of Marion National Cemetery.

One of the big decisions to be made at the funeral home is the type of casket if a traditional burial is chosen. Families can spend $800 to $5000 on a casket and depending on the type of service desired the cost can vary by thousands of dollars. At a typical funeral home in Fort Wayne total funeral costs using a mid-price casket will cost $7000 to $10,000. Many people are looking for low cost or inexpensive funerals and are turning to companies like Northern Indiana Funeral Care for alternatives with the same funeral costing 30-40% less.

If cremation is chosen, the kind of urn selected will impact the overall prices of any services you would choose. If a ceremony is to be performed and a funeral director is present the price would naturally be more. These are the big decisions but there are many smaller decisions that must be made as well.

The preceding information is provided by Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne which specializes in provided inexpensive, not cheap, funeral and cremation products and services to families in all of Northern Indiana. Please call or request a brochure if you would like more information on our program.


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