Church Funeral Plan

Ten years ago, funeral prices didn’t vary by more than a few hundred dollars from one funeral home to the next. Today, prices vary by thousands and commonly exceed $10,000. The simple Church Funeral Plan was created to renew old traditions and lower the high cost of funerals. Our complete plans begin at less than $5,000. We believe that a Christian funeral, like other major life events, should be held in the church. Call or email us today to find out how you can:

✔ Save 40 to 60% on funeral and cremation expenses.
✔ Avoid emotional overspending associated with making at need arrangements.
✔ Secure a complete cost guarantee.
✔ Options for affordable monthly installments or a single cash payment.

In these tough economic times, families are looking for options when pre-planning funeral arrangements. When Christians are dedicated, baptized, receive education in Sunday and Parochial School, married, and commit themselves to God’s service in the church, why should the final celebration of their life be in a funeral home? Many families are finding the church to be the appropriate place for this “final act” on earth. It helps to support the church financially, has adequate space with facilities for meals and receptions after the service, and people just feel more comfortable at church than in a lavish funeral home.

Making these arrangements in advance will protect your loved ones and save them the emotional and financial burden that comes with waiting until the last minute. You can’t imagine the stresses some folks face that have to make funeral and cemetery arrangements on the worst day of their lives. Peace of mind is priceless.

So stop procrastinating. Inflation also means the longer you let this go, the more you pay for this inevitable expense. Provide your loved ones the extra security they deserve.  Request a brochure or give us a call at 1-877-382-2756.


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