Eight Benefits of Advance Planning

Eight Benefits of Advance PlanningPEACE OF MIND: You provide written instructions for your funeral or cremation services and provide adequate funding which relieves you of the worry that your spouse or children will be burdened with facing difficult decisions. In many ways, it’s a final gift of love from you to your family.

DIGNITY AND CONTROL: You provide guidance assuring that your wishes are carried out with dignity and respect. Before your death, you retain the right to change to another Fort Wayne funeral home or any funeral and cremation provider in Northeast Indiana. These rights pass to your family after death occurs.

INFLATION-PROOF GUARANTEE: Northern Indiana Funeral Care guarantees in writing that your funeral service and merchandise costs, including caskets, vaults, and urns will be fully covered at the time of death. When funds are held in an irrevocable funeral insurance trust, all growth on your funeral plan is tax free. You will not receive a Federal 1099 form.

FREE, NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION: For veterans, we offer a program called Veterans Funeral Care that is exclusively provided by Northern Indiana Funeral Care of Fort Wayne. This program is exclusively endorsed by The American Legion, Department of Indiana. We have qualified pre-need advisors whose expertise is to guide you through the process of planning ahead. By preplanning, you have time to make thoughtful and better defined decisions. This avoids unnecessary expense.

SAFETY: Once your funds are secured in an irrevocable funeral agreement, no one can make any withdrawals. When your policy is established, the ONLY way that the funds will be released is with a signed copy of the funeral bill and a certified death certificate.

PROTECTION FROM MEDICAID SPEND-DOWN PROCEDURES: Unlike other investments (including the cash value of traditional life insurance) that you own, the dollars you place into a correctly structured funeral plan will not count as assets if you pursue Medicaid assistance. The full cost of your funeral or cremation can be protected using an irrevocable insurance trust.

NO PROBATE OR DELAY: When you use an irrevocably assigned insurance funeral trust to hold your dollars, the funds are immediately available to pay funeral costs. With your permission, the funds can even be paid directly to the funeral home that provides the funeral or cremation services.
Because every family’s situation is unique, certain restrictions and exemptions may apply.

NATIONAL CEMETERY: If you’re a veteran, proof of eligibility is required in order to secure burial in a National Cemetery. The closest available option is Marion National Cemetery. If you plan ahead it is much easier to obtain VA burial benefits such as; scheduling a burial, coordinating military honors, receiving the burial flag, burial allowance, and ordering a headstone or memorial by the time a death occurs.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care simplifies the planning of funeral and cremation services by providing complete packages that are easy to understand. We are the leader of inexpensive, low-cost services in Fort Wayne and all of Northeast Indiana. Contact us or visit our website at www.northerrnindianafuneralcare.com to find out what makes us different than other Fort Wayne funeral providers..


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