Put your Memories in Crystal

Memories in Crystal LLC., is a New Mexico based company specializing in custom laser-etched photo crystal keepsakes designed to make a unique and beautiful gift that will be cherished and create a lifelong memorial for generations.

Memories In Crystal is comprised of a talented 3-D graphic design team, professional and caring sales and marketing team and the most sophisticated, unparalleled, state of the art equipment in the industry.

Their philosophy; offer the best quality possible, tremendous attention to detail and customer service, fast turnaround, competitive all inclusive pricing, and be a source of comfort for those suffering a loss.

“With every single crystal keepsake we produce I look into the eyes of that person or animal I truly know how much they must be missed. I know our product will not take away this pain or sorrow but I hope it will be a small part of the healing process and celebration and remembrance of their loved one’s life.”

Contact Northern Indiana Funeral Care at 1-877-382-2756 for more information about our Church Funeral Plan or our inexpensive cremation packages.


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