The Only Constant is Change

In 16 years of helping families plan ahead for cemetery and funeral needs I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the attitudes and opinions of the consumer. Northern Indiana Funeral Care was established to meet the needs of the rapidly growing percentage of the population looking for a simple, inexpensive, and straightforward approach to funeral and cremation services. I started to take notice 10 to 12 years ago which also coincides with the coming of age of baby-boomers.

I believe casket makers were probably the first to realize what was happening because I began to hear again and again “just give me a cheap casket” or “I really need this to be inexpensive”. With people buying less expensive caskets, margins began to shrink, and this was the beginning of a “death spiral” for many in the funeral industry. Unable to understand, or want to understand the changes taking place, they simply buried their heads and decided that heritage and continuing to build new and elaborate facilities was enough to allow them to continue doing business the same way they always had, even though consumers were clearly looking for something different. I believe people generally fall into 2 camps – they either have the money but don’t want to spend $8,000 to $10,000 on a funeral or they just simply don’t have the money. Either way, the old ways of doing things are over even if most funeral homes don’t realize it yet.

This change in attitude also brought with it a significant rise in the cremation rate. Many people are deciding that cremation offers a low cost alternative to traditional burial but still offers the opportunity to say goodbye because you can still have a viewing at a funeral home or church followed by cremation. In this case the funeral home offers the family the option of using a rental casket which costs thousands less than buying one. Others choose to have a memorial service which could include a private family viewing, or just a simple or direct cremation with no services. Cremation eliminates traditional cemetery needs which often cost more than the funeral bill. There’s no doubt that cremation as a method of disposition will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Although Northern Indiana Funeral Care may seem like a new concept or idea, it’s actually just renewing old and traditional ways of offering funeral and cremation services. We’re not claiming that Northern Indiana Funeral Care or Veterans Funeral Care of Fort Wayne is any better than other funeral homes in Ft. Wayne or Northeast Indiana, just different. By keeping overhead low, families that want cheap caskets, urns, vaults, or other funeral or cremation merchandise will find that we offer the same quality at prices significantly less than other funeral homes in the area. If you would like to find out what makes us different than other funeral service providers, please visit our website at

-Thomas Hyatt


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