A Special Funeral for Veteran Heroes

This unique funeral procession, with a horse drawn caisson, is pulling into a local country cemetery with with the flag draped casket of a WWII veteran. This service was organized and conducted by Northern Indiana Funeral Care, a Veterans Funeral Care provider in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Active duty troops are saluting as the caisson passes by.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care and Veterans Funeral Care of Fort Wayne, Indiana is a proud supporter of our local American Legion and VFW posts. We are THE ONLY funeral service provider that has an EXCLUSIVE ENDORSEMENT of the American Legion, Department of Indiana. Through the years, we have established both meaningful professional and personal relationships with our local service organizations. Our funeral directors are committed to and experienced in arranging both very simple military honors to unique and high profile, personalized military funerals in the time frame your family needs. We have been given the honor of conducting the service to honor the life of a fallen, active duty soldier of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care is honored to be a Veterans Funeral Care provider in Indiana and is becoming the preferred choice among veterans in northern Indiana. Our funeral directors are well versed in the required veteran paperwork and forms and will work with veteran’s families to make 100% sure due benefits are applied for and received.


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