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Your Department of Indiana Executive committee has worked hard to bring to you, the members and your families, a benefit that will save at least hundreds and more often thousands of dollars on funeral and cremation services, statewide. Members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the Legion throughout Indiana qualify for professional services provided by Veterans Funeral Care at a substantial discount compared to the prices charged by traditional service providers. Brian DeCamp and Andy David, funeral directors with Northern Indiana Funeral Care are able to provide these services at substantially reduced prices by using local churches and Legion Posts for services, rather than charging the family for elaborate funeral homes located all over the State of Indiana.

Veterans Funeral Care offers complete funeral service packages including all professional services, transportation, steel or hardwood casket, flowers, register book, memorial folders, thank you cards, a flag case and a certified copy of the death certificate for less than $5,000. Veterans Funeral Care will make arrangements to conduct the service and same day visitation in the church or post of your choice anywhere in Indiana. For those same services, traditional funeral homes commonly charge $7,000 to $8,000. Veterans Funeral Care will assist the family in the filing of claims for all VA death benefits.

Veterans Funeral Care also offers Indiana Legionnaires low cost cremation services. Complete traditional funeral services at your church or Legion Post, followed by cremation, cost less than $5,000. Other options include cremation with memorial service for less than $2,000 and simple or direct cremation for less than $1,200, anywhere in the State of Indiana.

Veterans Funeral Care promotes the use of National and State Veterans Cemeteries; making families aware that any honorably discharged veteran and his or her spouse are eligible for a free grave, free opening and closing of the grave, free outer burial container and free marker. This is a benefit of significant value, $2,000 to $4,000 per person. These burial benefits are available at any National Cemetery. In Indiana, burial benefits are available at Marion National Cemetery (Marion), Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Madison), New Albany National Cemetery (New Albany, cremated remains only, unless burial in a gravesite of previously buried family member) and Indiana State Soldiers’ Home Cemetery (burial restricted to residents and spouses of the Indiana Veterans Home).

In addition, the cremated remains of an honorably discharged veteran and spouse may be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Reasonable transportation and local professional fees apply. For Navy veterans, Veterans Funeral Care can arrange for scattering or burial at sea from a vessel on maneuvers. The family of the veteran will be notified by the commander of the vessel the time, date and longitude and latitude of the scattering or burial. We request and most often receive photographs or video of the ceremony.

Finally, Veterans Funeral Care takes care of less fortunate veterans. When an indigent veteran dies at Veterans Administration Medical Center or is domiciled by the VA, Veterans Funeral Care will arrange for burial with military honors at a National Cemetery.

Northern Indiana Funeral Care was founded in 2009 to serve the greater Fort Wayne area as well as all of northeast Indiana. Northern Indiana Funeral Care is a branch location of Hite Funeral Home, established in 1948, and is located at Kendallville, Indiana. In other words, the Veterans Funeral Care program is provided by an old and trusted name in funeral service, offering a new concept in funeral and cremation services. The entire staff is passionate about serving veterans and their families, arranging proper military honors and providing inexpensive, not cheap, funeral and cremation services. Please feel free to call fellow veterans Bryan Jenisch or Alan Parr at Northern Indiana Funeral Care to learn more about this program. They can be reached toll free at 877-382-2756 or you can also visit their website at www.northernindianafuneralcare.com.


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